Writers Organizaton, make an offer to buy!

writersorg.com, a premium domain name FOR SALE, registered: August 2011.
Also for sale: writersorg.com, serving.com, olr.ca, thecorrespondent.ca and many more

If you're starting a company or have one in the early stages and can't afford a top level domain name but you know you will need one - we lease our names with a purchase agreement you can excercise at the end of the two year lease period (the firm price established on lease day plus annual inflation rate for year one plus year two).
All leases are for two years and paid in advance. Examples: WritersPlayPen.com: US$7,200, WritersOrg.com: US$4,800, OLR.ca: US$12,000, Serving.com: US$24,000.
Terms and Conditions will apply.

Domain Story

  • A quality top-level domain name adds value to your company and brand.
  • A quality domain name is easy to remember when heard.
  • Millions, spent annually, on advertising forgettable domain names.
  • Non-dictionary names were easy to start two decades ago, a novelty. If you had the right venue and frequent returning users you were established. Google and Yahoo are examples.
  • You can spend millions today advertising a domain name and if it is not descriptive or memorable you may as well invest your dollars elsewhere.
  • Eventually, you're going to have to decide to continue advertise a forgettable name or to simply hold the status quo taking what you can get on a declining basis.
  • Look around you at some companies you are dealing with, if it wasn't for continual business could you remember their domain name?